Our team

EN Edu Games Studio is a Belgian organization dedicated to developing games in collaboration with partners. We create innovative and engaging environments that use our gaming expertise and pedagogical knowledge to blend entertainment and education.

Our experience

We have 8 years of experience creating high-quality immersive games both indoors and outdoors. Our games are designed to attract interest from a broad audience to scientific knowledge, historical events, cultural issues and promote other types of tourism. To achieve this, we craft immersive experiences that recreate the essence of the subject we delve into. Our expertise encompasses the following areas:

–  Promoting scientific knowledge: players learn about chemistry and its uses.
–  Recreating historical periods: players are situated Belgium in the 70s, and in USA in the 30s, to explore social issues at the time.
–  Promoting a different kind of tourism: players engage in missions around the city, interacting with the local culture and enjoying some local delicacies. This provides an alternative experience to conventional forms of tourism.
–  Getting closer to different cultures: players are asked to solve a mistery that makes them aware of social issues in other cultures.